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Resident of North Andover, elected School Committee Member, Legislative Liaison, Audit Committee Member, Chair of the 5th Utility Technology Committee, mother of three boys, successful business executive, volunteer at her church, Karin is committed to serving her community, family, and constituency.

During my service as a School Committee member I stood for values that are important to my family and to my community. Fiscal Responsibility and common sense solutions to difficult problems we all face were the guide posts that helped me navigate through the challenges that I encountered. My service hasn't been easy or glamorous but it has been quite fulfilling and very impactful to our community.

The people of the 14th Essex District deserve a voice that echoes their own on Beacon Hill. Are you satisfied with the representation and job performance of your current legislator? I’m not. I am a clear change. Join me in taking our representation in a different direction. A direction that will result in our tax dollars managed responsibly, our voice to be valued and our communities safe. November will bring the chance to deliver clarity. I hope you will choose me.

Please, vote for Karin Rhoton, State Representative 14th Essex District, and be heard on Beacon Hill.

New Direction for a New District

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03/09/2009Edgewood Retirement Community Forum
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03/04/2009League Of Women Voters Candidate Night


  • Successfully fought for over $860,000 for infrastructure improvements across the district in 2009. Worked to get SFSF one-time funds used for one-time technology expenditures, not recurring expenses
  • Board of Selectmen Liaison for 2010 and 2011—resulted in consensus budgets to Town Meeting both years.
  • Fiscal Responsibility—consistently voted against contracts that were unsustainable, voted for contracts that had funding sources within the general fund.
  • Legislative Liaison 2010 and 2011—established and maintained relationships with several legislators and successfully argued for increase in circuit breaker reimbursements. Continued work on fully funding foundation budget, and reduction of unfunded mandates to local municipalities from the State
  • 2009- 2012 Chair of Technology subcommittee: successfully fought for town wide telephone upgrade system, infrastructure improvements, iPad pilot program which demonstrate significant resource savings
  • 2009 - 2010 Chairman of Budget and Finance Subcommittee. Identified budget shortfalls and opportunities, successfully lobbied the legislative delegation for funding for exorbitant special education expenses.
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